How to use LinkedIn in your job search

Internet stalking is simple these days, so why not control your personal brand by having a stellar LinkedIn page that will pop up in every Google search of your name?

Survey after survey shows that LinkedIn is the number one way recruiters find talented professionals to hire. In 2015, 92% of recruiters reported that they used LinkedIn to identify qualified candidates and the percentage is inching closer to 100 each year.

There are algorithms embedded in LinkedIn's DNA that can pluck your profile out of the heap and place it in front of the right person's feed. The likelihood of a recruiter coming across your profile increases substantially when you maximize your LinkedIn profile.

How do you maximize your LinkedIn profile?

Brand Yourself

LinkedIn is designed to brand your professional self and easily showcase your skill-set and experience. It is an extension of your résumé where you can feature noteworthy projects you've worked on and include recommendations from colleagues and bosses. Set yourself apart by creating a personal tagline. This is your professional motto that captures your individuality and what you offer others. Jodie Stewart and Brandon Lurato feature their tag lines in stylistically different ways, but both are effective.


LinkedIn is a network of 400 million people, not just a database. Use this to your advantage! The more people you are connected with and the more content you share with your connections on your home feed, the greater visibility your profile will have. Looking for a new job? Research companies on LinkedIn and reach out to a few employees for informational interviews.

Do Your Research

Utilize LinkedIn's "Jobs" tab where companies and recruiters post career opportunities. Narrow your search by specifying your desired geographic location, industry, or how big or small your ideal company is. There are tens of thousands of jobs posted at your fingertips for FREE. However, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to snuff before you start digging around on the site because companies and recruiters will be checking out your profile in return.

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