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I have a theory: If more people had jobs that made them happy, the world would be a kinder and friendlier place. People would be in a better mood. We would communicate with each other nicely. There would be more positive energy to go around. Let's start this change with you. Prepare your professional materials with Write For The Job to land a job you love.

Sarah Sax
Founder & CEO
Write For The Job Founder Sarah

For more than a decade, Sarah has used the power of words to articulately communicate stories in journalism and fundraising. She transfers her storytelling and writing talent to revamp professional materials for her clients to prove why they are right for the job. Sarah writes résumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles to reflect each client's authenticity, drive, and skills. She is energized and dedicated to guiding clients in effectively presenting themselves for a job that will catapult their dreams into fulfilling careers.  


  • Succinct writing

  • Strong vocabulary

  • Clear communication

  • Creative messaging

  • Personable


  • Business

  • Communication and Journalism

  • Engineering

  • Finance

  • Fundraising

  • Non-profit work

  • Politics

Write For The Job Logo Sarah Sax
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