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Check out Write For The Job featured in these media outlets.

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Seek The Joy

Podcast Episode 42: job search strategies and infusing joy into your next career move

July 2018

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Podcast Episode 6: how to accelerate your job hunt and get noticed by recruiters 

September 2020

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Reinvent You

Podcast Episode 48: practical tips on revamping your resume, Linkedin, and cover letter

April 2021

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Seek The Joy

Interview: Founder Sarah Sax's story of how she built WFTJ  featured in "Joy Corner"

February 2019

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Life Switch Show

Podcast Episode 10: lessons on identifying your strengths and skills to pivot into a job you love

March 2021

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Her Campus

Interview: WFTJ named as one of the top businesses to crush it as a "side hustle"

April 2017

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