The #1 thing that makes your resume pop

Setting yourself apart from similar candidates vying for the same position comes down to precise word choice throughout your professional materials. The experience on your resume comes second to the language you use.

Nine times out of 10, the driving force behind every powerful descriptor is a strong verb. The goal is to be descriptive and concise simultaneously. Verbs set the tone to articulate your point clearly and memorably.

Gone are the days of using "state-of-being" verbs to describe the work you have accomplished. It's easy to slip these into your cover letter or summary section. Limit -- or better yet, eliminate -- these from your professional materials:







Verbs like these are passive not powerful.

"The driving force behind every powerful descriptor is a strong verb."

Empowering verbs are most crucial on your resume. Think about verbs that reinforce your competency and leadership when describing each task.

The Muse created this helpful list of 185 action verbs as options to integrate into your professional materials.

Word choice matters in telling your professional story. Be clear. Be confident. Be powerful.

Sarah Sax is the Founder of Write For The Job.

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