3 things to cut from your resume

I know it can be difficult to let go, especially since you worked so hard proving yourself in your job! Reality check: not everything you've accomplished is needed in each version of your resume. That's right, you must tailor your resume for the job to which you are applying and let go of the items that are not relevant.

There are a plethora of opinions for what to eliminate from your overflowing resume, but here are the hard-and-fast rules that withstand each version of your resume.

1. CUT information not applicable to the job description

Reading the job description is THE most important thing to do. Tailor your resume to reflect exactly what they're looking for, and if you have experience that is not relevant at all, cut it from your resume. If you are looking to switch industries and you're having trouble framing your past work experience in a way that makes you a viable candidate for the new industry, focus on the ideal qualities in the right candidate and showcase those throughout your resume rather than the specialized skillset that you will undoubtedly learn on the job.

2. CUT your address

Most of us apply for jobs in an area we are willing to work -- whether that is your current location or a place you will move. Free up an extra line on your resume by cutting your home address. Some HR directors and recruiters may even knock your resume out of the running if you live too far away.

"Cut the repetition by featuring the results

you delivered in each role."

3. CUT the repetition

It's your responsibility to find the unique accomplishments in each position you've held -- regardless of whether the jobs have been very similar -- and present them in a way that reduces repetition. An easy way to do this is by showcasing your accomplishments in each role using metrics. Did your sales grow from 83% in one job to 90% in the next? Did you report to a manager in the first position then managed a team of three at the next job? The industry and department might be the same, but cut the repetition by featuring the results you delivered in each role.

Cutting these three items from your resume will allow for more space to showcase the skills and accomplishments that will resonate with the HR director or recruiter reading over your resume.

Focus on the items that are important and that match the job description. Feature your story and your deliverables to be a compelling case for why you are the right candidate for the job.

Sarah Sax is the Founder of Write For The Job.

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