The filler words on your resume you need to dump immediately

You've got one page (front only!) to make the case for why you're right for the job. That means that your resume needs to be concise, punchy, and direct. I guarantee you have at least one thing on there that can be dumped into the garbage.

Here are some of the most common filler words you can eliminate from your resume to free up space for meaningful content.

1. References available upon request

These days, HR managers and recruiters know exactly where to go to cross-check your experiences. "References available upon request" is wasted space on your resume. Prepare your references, have them available if someone asks, but don't highlight this on your resume.

2. Hitting benchmarks

We would hope that you're meeting expectations. But are you exceeding expectations? Focus on that.

3. Team player

These two words are overused. You can depict that you're a team player without saying you're a team player. Share that you enjoy cross-departmental collaboration or that you led a team of 10 people to launch a new initiative. Show don't tell.

4. I am seeking X position/career.

Obviously. You're applying for this job. Write this in a way that conveys your excitement rather than checks a box on the vetting list.

5. Strong work ethic

Again, don't tell us, show us. Write about projects that demonstrate you have a strong work ethic, otherwise the words don't mean anything.

6. Results-oriented

Let's hope everyone applying for any job is results-oriented. If you don't bring results, why have you employed at all? Sprinkle metrics throughout your professional materials to prove just how much you can deliver

Sarah Sax is the founder of Write For The Job.

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