Building your personal brand revolves around this key concept

If someone asks, "what do you do?," your response might be a trader, construction worker, musician, or engineer. But you're also a salesperson (and we hope not the sleazy kind). 


You are in sales because you are in charge of shaping your personal brand and selling yourself in every situation.


You bump into an old elementary school friend at the supermarket? You're subtly selling how you're surviving the "real world" with ease. 


You're at a networking event? You're making a soft sell for who you are and why you're of value to the person with whom you're speaking.


You're in a job interview? You're proving your skills and personality as a good fit for the company to bring in more revenue. 

"Your personal brand matters because it distinguishes you from every other person out there, 

and it starts with your story." 

Your personal brand matters because it distinguishes you from every other person out there, and it starts with your story. 


No one has experienced life in your shoes or through your eyes. Use this to your advantage when presenting yourself in person and online. 


Staying true to your personal story ensures authenticity, a crucial component to connecting with others.


Human-to-human connection is what drives business forward. If you're making a deal, you know that people give to people. If you're in advertising, you know that the most effective ads are relatable.


When building your personal brand, be genuine in who you are and the content you put out. You become more marketable and more desirable. We can always sniff out the liars. 


Creating your personal brand also allows you to describe who you are before anyone else does. The internet makes it easy for others to post photos or write about you, and they might not care if what they share casts you in a negative light. Take matters into your own hands by creating the image you want and shaping your personal brand. 


These days, first impressions aren't always in person. Make sure that the first thing people see is how you would like to be perceived. 



 Sarah Sax is the Founder of Write For The Job.




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