9 tips to becoming a leader inside and outside of the office

Leadership doesn’t necessarily come with a CEO title. You can be a leader in life and in your current position without having a fancy title. If you’re aspiring to land that leadership position in your career, you may be fine-tuning those skills already. Wherever you may be in your journey, we are sharing the top tips that employers look for when it comes to being a leader.

Engage With Others

What does it mean to really engage with other people? Engaging with others means connecting with those around you. Whether you’re in a leadership position or if you’re a part of a team, you have the opportunity to engage with your colleagues and those in your work space to better cultivate relationships. Statistics show that many employees feel unappreciated. Find that one thing to build each and every relationship with honest intent.

Be Confident, Not Arrogant

Confidence can be a very attractive characteristic. People look for confidence in those that are leading them. Leading with confidence helps establish trust and credibility in those who follow you. Often times, confidence can establish a certain degree of assertiveness that also encourages respect. Don't forget that respect is a two-way street -- people will respect you if you respect them.

Be A Team Player

A good leader goes above and beyond to make sure that the team is on board with the mission. If one person is unclear, the whole team could be potentially thrown off. If you see someone struggling or perhaps communication was unclear, make it your mission to be a team player and help guide your teammates.

Ask For Feedback & Respectfully Give Feedback

Asking for feedback can be intimidating, but a strong leader understands the value that honest and candid critiques can have. There’s a positive correlation with constructive feedback and a more refined strategy when it comes to leading and executing. Check in with your team and ask each for feedback individually so you can adjust your communication or mentorship toward them. Communication pathways open even more (and productivity increases) when there is honest conversation between you and your team.

Be Adaptable

Being adaptable means possessing the ability to quickly assess the situation and adjusting your strategy according to the needs. When you are adaptable, you are observant and you listen in order to assess how to move forward in a results-focused way. Doing this helps you add more value to those around you and you become an asset.

Follow Through With Promises

When you follow through with your promises, you maintain your integrity. Complete the task you say you’re going to do regardless of how impossible it may seem. Empty promises illicit distrust. Adjust the outcome or strategy if following through on a promise seems impossible. Find solutions to get to the end result. Motivated people tend to accept tasks even when their plate is full. Don't mistake this with becoming a “yes” person. Be strategic and cautious of what you commit to.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

Continuing from the last tip, when you take on too much you lose focus on what needs to be done and end up disappointing others. As a leader, know that it’s acceptable and preferred to delegate work to other capable people. That’s what a team is for! When everyone has manageable tasks and communicates clearly, more can be accomplished and better attitudes will be perceived!

Have A Vision & Pursue It

Create a vision in your head with an outcome that you are determined to reach. Once you have your vision, the steps to get there will come naturally. Make your team aware of the vision that you have and take time to share the same motivation to reach the outcome! When you have defined goals and objectives, your team will start to create their own goals and objectives and make progress knowing that the outcome will be greater!

Communication Is Key

Communication is arguably the most important aspect when it comes to success as a leader and in life. When you are able to communicate clearly and thoroughly with the people around you, harmonious relationships can cultivated and goals can be reached! As a leader remember that your communication matters.

Adaire Smithwick is Write For The Job's Spring 2019 PR intern and attends University of Georgia.

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