How to successfully pivot positions in your current company

Do you find yourself more and more disinterested in your current job and thinking about what else you could be doing? Maybe you have been eyeing that promotion for a while, but just haven’t figured out how to ask for it. Think about how your career happiness can be improved just from a small pivot within your company.

Evaluate Your Current Position

Before taking the next steps, you need to check in with where you’re at in the moment. Ask yourself: What do you like about your current role? What is missing? What new skills do you want to learn? Identify what excites you and what tasks you’d like to let go when you transition into your next position. Make a list and check it twice! Your career happiness could be impacted by a slight switch in positions at your current company. Once you know exactly what you're after, you can start immersing yourself into that change.

Start Taking On New Tasks

When we say take on new tasks, we don’t mean extra things to add unnecessary stress. We mean start working like you are working in your desired position already. If you see an opportunity for improvement, test the waters by executing new ideas. Maybe you've heard about what other competitors are doing, or maybe you just have an inkling that your idea could bring great success. Don’t be afraid to let your superiors and co-workers know. Get them on board with your ideas and strategy, and once you’ve won their support, you can start getting a pitch together to make the change real.

Start working like you are working in your desired position already.

Preparation Is A Must

After you’ve allowed yourself to experience going the extra mile, it’s time to make the big pitch to pivot positions within your company. Make sure you dress to impress and have all the necessary information for your presentation. You did the prep work by gaining the support of co-workers and superiors, and you've shown them the value you add. Walk in with confidence, but humility, understanding that making the change might require work and time, but that you’re dedicated! And, don't forget... You got this!

Adaire Smithwick is Write For The Job's Spring 2019 PR intern and attends University of Georgia.

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