How to successfully pivot positions in your current company

Do you find yourself more and more disinterested in your current job and thinking about what else you could be doing? Maybe you have been eyeing that promotion for a while, but just haven’t figured out how to ask for it. Think about how your career happiness can be improved just from a small pivot within your company. Evaluate Your Current Position Before taking the next steps, you need to check in with where you’re at in the moment. Ask yourself: What do you like about your current role? What is missing? What new skills do you want to learn? Identify what excites you and what tasks you’d like to let go when you transition into your next position. Make a list and check it twice! Your career

3 productivity hacks to get more out of your workday

Productivity can be tough to master. Whether you’re starting out in a new position or a veteran to your workplace, productivity tips can always help. All it takes is three simple hacks for you to find yourself getting more done with quality work! Who says you have to choose quality over quantity? Not anymore! Prioritize Your List Our favorite and first hack is to prioritize your to-do list.. What is urgent and must be completed first? Our favorite method when it comes to mastering the to-do list is the Ivy Lee Method. This method involves writing down six tasks - only six - that you are going to accomplish the next day. Any more runs the risk of you feeling overwhelmed. Organize your six tas

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