How to make a career pivot with no experience in the new field

You finally had the "ah-ha!" moment. You don't like your job because you're not interested in the industry. Most of us don't get things perfect right off the bat, including what field piques our interest. You're ready to switch it up, but you're stuck. You realize that you have a ton of experience in what you currently do, but no experience in the industry you want to transition into. So how do you make your professional materials work for you when you don't have the work to back it up? Here are two strategies that you can implement simultaneously to build your experience in the industry you want to jump into. Strategy #1: Identify transferrable skills Make a list of the hard and soft skills

The filler words on your resume you need to dump immediately

You've got one page (front only!) to make the case for why you're right for the job. That means that your resume needs to be concise, punchy, and direct. I guarantee you have at least one thing on there that can be dumped into the garbage. Here are some of the most common filler words you can eliminate from your resume to free up space for meaningful content. 1. References available upon request These days, HR managers and recruiters know exactly where to go to cross-check your experiences. "References available upon request" is wasted space on your resume. Prepare your references, have them available if someone asks, but don't highlight this on your resume. 2. Hitting benchmarks We would ho

4 signs you're ready to leave your job

You’re getting antsy in your job but you’re not 100% sure if you’re ready to leave. We get it. We all have doubts for big decisions like this. It can be scary to jump ship and search the open sea for something new, fresh, and exciting. So we’ve put together a few scenarios that may help you determine “should I stay or should I go?” Sign #1: The projects you’re tackling aren’t pushing you to grow. You could do this job with your eyes closed. Ok, you probably need them open but it’s basically muscle memory at this point. You’re comfortable with the work you’re doing. You have a routine that’s practically flawless, and you are able to deliver results without as much effort. Ask yourself: Are th

The job hacks you've got to know

If you’re dying to get out of that job but you’re dreading the search for a new position, we’ve got you. Time’s-a-changing when it comes to the application process. You’ve got to adopt a winning strategy that will land you a job that makes you happy. Here are the job hacks you’ll want to know as you begin the process. 1. The Linkedin headline that draws people in Whatever you do, please don’t put “looking for opportunities” or any other related word phrases in your headline. Not only is that way too general, it also fails to tell people who you are. You want to answer the question: who are you and what makes you special? Well, it’s actually the question you want to answer throughout your pro

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