How to use LinkedIn in your job search

Internet stalking is simple these days, so why not control your personal brand by having a stellar LinkedIn page that will pop up in every Google search of your name? Survey after survey shows that LinkedIn is the number one way recruiters find talented professionals to hire. In 2015, 92% of recruiters reported that they used LinkedIn to identify qualified candidates and the percentage is inching closer to 100 each year. There are algorithms embedded in LinkedIn's DNA that can pluck your profile out of the heap and place it in front of the right person's feed. The likelihood of a recruiter coming across your profile increases substantially when you maximize your LinkedIn profile. How do you

3 ways to make your cover letter stand out

Cover letters are daunting. You have to strike the perfect balance of proving your skills without being arrogant or losing interest of your reader. What elements of a cover letter set you apart from all the rest? 1. Anecdotes Choose between two and three short stories that expand on experiences articulated in your résumé to showcase the skills needed to excel at the position for which you are applying. 2. Results Through Stories It's not enough to share what you did. Tell me what results blossomed from your efforts. You plowed and gardened for 120 hours for two months, which yielded more than 200 vegetables serving 45 underprivileged families. Tell me what impact that had on the community, f

Top tips to streamline your résumé

So you're an overachiever, huh? You juggle a full-time job, volunteer at the community center, and write short stories in your "spare time." With each opportunity, you build communication skills, learn to prioritize, and deepen your passions. But there's a problem: you can't find the space on your résumé. Here are three tips on how to streamline your résumé, so that all your accomplishments fit to one page. 1. Keep your bullet points to one line. There are two types of résumé writers: one who has painfully short bullet points because the description lacks detail and originality, and the other who strings together everything imaginable into a three-line bullet point. You must strike a balance

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